Payment Options

Automatic Recurring Payments

We will automatically debit a checking account or a credit card each month for the monthly amount.  The automatic debiting will stop upon withdrawal.

  1. ACH withdrawal – *Our preferred method.  This is from a checking or savings account using the routing and checking account number on your check.  * This is the safest method of transaction and is our most preferred.  Please provide routing and account numbers or a voided check.
  2. Pay with a Credit Card. We do NOT accept Debit Cards.  Using ACH withdrawal (see above) accomplishes the same thing at a lower processing fee as well as being a safer method of security over debit cards.

Non-Automatic Recurring

  1. Pay with Cash/Check/Card each month.  Payment is due the last week of the month prior.  An invoice will be sent each month which you may pay online or at the front desk.

* There will be a $10 Fee for any payment made after the first lesson of the month.  Avoid this by signing up for our recurring payments.

Cancelation/Missed Lesson Policy

If you miss a scheduled lesson for any reason, you may request a make-up lesson in 2 ways.

  1. Through our web site.  Please go to our Make-Up Lesson Page.  A calendar will show with available make-up times.  You may choose any available time and then contact the front desk through phone or email with your choice.   Make-Up Times are based on lesson cancelations ahead of time.  Please be courteous and always inform us if you cannot make a lesson so that we can make it available to someone looking for a make-up.
  2. Make Up-Days:  Each teacher with have a few days available throughout the year designated as make-up days.  These days will be outside the teachers normal teaching schedule and taken from their personal time.  You may find the sign-up book at our front desk.  You may sign-up for up to 1 hour of make-up time per student per make-up day.   Make-up lessons are scheduled on a first-come basis and limited to the teachers availability.  There will be a $5 fee paid directly to the teacher for their time for each half-hour of make-up time on the make-up days.

If you miss your scheduled make-up lesson, you will forfeit any right to a further make-up of that lesson.

Withdrawing From Lessons

  • 2-week notice required.
  • Complete the Withdrawal Form at the front desk or on our website.
  • No monetary refunds will be granted. (except in the case of teacher cancelations)
  • If any pre-paid lessons remaining after the 2-weeks will be saved as a credit. (May be transferred).
  • Automatic payments will be discontinued after any unpaid balances are met.
  • When you or a family member returns for lessons, no Registration Fee will be required.

Withdrawal Form

Failure To Show

If you fail to show for 2 lessons in a row without contacting us or responding to our communication, you will be removed from the schedule and any deposits will be applied or a credit card or checking account on file will be charged accordingly.  Automatic payments will be discontinued.  There are no refunds for missed lessons.

Instructor Missed Lesson-Substitute

Due to unexpected circumstance, your instructor may be absent. The studio reserves the right to provide a qualified substitute or schedule a timely make-up session for lessons missed at no extra cost to you . If the instructor cannot provide a timely make-up option, the lesson may be made up in the slower summer months.  No credit or refund will be given for instructor cancelled lessons.

Inclement Weather

If the studio is closed due to inclement weather, students will be invited for special make-ups which could include private or group lessons.  If a timely make-up option cannot be provided, the lesson may be made up in the slower summer months.  No credit or refund will be given for cancelled lessons due to inclement weather.

*Please Note:  We DO NOT follow the Danvers School schedule.  We will make our own judgement on whether to close.  if you are unsure, please call or email us.  We will send out appropriate information at that time.

Holiday Closures

The Music Connection will be closed on the following days:

  • Labor Day – September 3, 2018   *Lessons made up on Monday Nov. 19, 2018
  • Thanksgiving Break* – Nov. 20 – 25, 2018   *Lessons will run on Monday Nov. 20th only as a make-up day for Labor Day, September 4th.
  • Winter Holiday Break – Dec. 23 – Jan. 1, 2019
  • Memorial Day – May 27, 2018

We will be OPEN for all other Monday holidays not listed here as well as February, March, and April vacations.