Summer Lessons

Please fill out the form below to let us know your status for the months of July and August.

PLEASE keep in mind the importance of continuing music lessons throughout the summer.

4 Real Reasons To Continue Lessons Through The Summer

  1. Maintain your same day, time, and teacher for the Fall.*
  2. Summer music lessons help children keep their mental prowess through the non-academic months.
  3. Loss of learned skills, momentum and interest without timely lessons and proper practice.
  4. Loss of lesson time and money invested.

Options for July and August.       *Please note we will be closed on July 4 and you will not be charged.
1)     Continue on a normal weekly basis.  If one or two lessons need to be rescheduled, we can work that out. Lessons are charged monthly
        depending on the number of weeks.

2)     Summer 6-Pack. (most flexible) Take at least (6) half-hr or (3) 1-hr. lessons over the Summer.  These are flexible and can be scheduled ahead anytime
        in the months of July and August.  This will guarantee your time and teacher for the Fall.  
* Taking any less than 6 lessons will not hold your lesson time for the Summer and Fall.

3)    Withdraw Completely You will be removed from the schedule and your time forfeited.  You can take lessons a la carte anytime during the summer, based on availability. 
          Fall registration will begin on August 15.  You must fill out the Withdrawal Form on our website at

        **If no form or withdrawal notice is received, we will charge accordingly for each month of the summer.

Unless stated otherwise, all lessons will be at the regular scheduled times. If you need to change a time, we will make every effort to work with you to do so.   All Summer lessons must be completed by August 31st and any missed lessons will NOT be carried over into the Fall.

Please fill out the form below.  If you have any questions you may email us here:


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